Know Everything About End of Lease Pest Control Services

The end-of-lease pest control services are important for both tenants and landlords. Considering it’s important, it’s a very shocking thing that only the least people know about it. So, in this article, we will tell you about the end-of-the-lease pest services. If you really want to know about it properly, then, just keep reading this article.

What is the End of Lease Pest Control Services?

The end-of-lease pest control services are one of the most important. Tenants will require it when they move or shift out from a rental property. Tenants will usually need these services for pest treatment by a pest control company before they leave the premises or hand the keys to the landlord or real estate agent. The reason behind this is that pest control usually needs to be done at least once a year. It ensures that the property is not infested with pests and that a new tenant can move.

Why Is The End Of The Lease Pest Control Services Important?

Being a rental, you must have an agreement of time to stay in the property right. Yes, so that’s your lease. And, if your lease is coming to an end, then, at that time you need to arrange pest control services. This service is one of the things which must be mentioned in your agreement. So, it is very necessary to look after that after the end of the lease. It is going to arrange pest control services, you or the landlord. If it is your responsibility and you did not arrange pest control services, then there is a chance that you may lose your rental bond. And, if the pests have damaged your property, then, the consequences can be worse.

End Of The Lease Pest Control Services

If your property is full of pests, then, no doubt new tenants will not be happy to live there. According to the guidelines of the government, it is mandatory to provide clean property to new tenants. So, the end of the lease pest treatment will ensure the safety of the property and new tenants.

Being a landlord, you also should know that your property has pests. Then, the market value of your property will also decrease which you will not like for sure. So, do make sure that you call a pest control service in Geelong for pest treatment, before finding someone new to rent your property.

When Should You Have the End of Lease of Pest Control Treatment Done?

The best time to arrange the end of lease of pest treatment is when your lease is about to end and you are ready to leave the property. At the end of the treatment, you will get a report which you need to show to your landlord, after that you are free to leave.


We hope that this article helped you a lot to get to know about end-of-lease pest services. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, the end of lease of pest control services is very important.