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Best Of Borer Control Services In Geelong

Pest Control Geelong is Geelongs’ largest borer insect control services and a brand that provides the best and effective solutions to homeowners. In addition to residential borer treatment, we offer our services to commercial places like restaurants. Our company brings you a legacy of experience over a few decades in this industry.

Till today, we served many uncountable clients whoever gave us the chance to make them happy. Our dedicated borer control Geelong team will also take care of your complaints, queries and bookings. In addition to this, our experts strictly follow health, safety and environment policies on using green borer insecticides. Appoint us at a time convenient to you by calling at 03 4050 7737.

Incredible Borer Control Services Across Geelong 

Pre-purchase Borer Inspection

Pre-purchase Borer inspection is a must so as to get rid of any types of borers like corn, stem and worn borers. There is a confusion about borer treatment in the market. So, hire our decades experienced and skilled ‘Borer control Geelong’ team today.

Borer Inspection And Removal

Riddled with wood borer issues and checking for borer control near me? Call us this moment. We have a solution for your problem and solve this for you with our wood borer pest control service at ease. Can also call us for more details.

Emergency Borer Control Service

In the emergency of stem borer treatment and don’t know what to do? Firstly, do not panic. Secondly, make sure you are not disturbing and staying far away from them. After that, handle the stem borer control on availing our emergency service.

Domestic Borer Control

Sure that you found corn borer in your healthy corn field and decided to quickly go for corn borer treatment? Best Decision! Because corn borers will never leave your field if you do not go till extremities for controlling and removing them. And that is the reason we are here for you!

Restaurant Borer Control

In a food supply chain like restaurants, you easily find a number of pests including borers which access your place at ease. As a result, their presence and living will spoil the food and even deteriorate food quality. So, if you do not want to lose your clients, hire our borer control Geelong team of experts today.

Same Day Borer Control

It is necessary to worry about beetle borers too other than corn, stem and wood borers. For this, our borer insect control team will thoroughly inspect your place. After that, using insecticide for wood boring beetles we completely get rid of borer beetles for you.

Tips And Tricks For Borer Control

Keep these handy tips and tricks to keep your place away from Borer:

  • Seal any gaps you find to prevent them from entering
  • You can use some sage on the coals or fresh rosemary to keep them away
  • Make sure to regularly check screens if there are holes and repair them
  • Hinder their food source. Also, close off pet food
  • Replace the worn-away weather strappings and keep windows tightly closed
  • Finish off the sealing of plug holes using copper mesh
  • Check your basement or/and crawl spaces using a flashlight
  • Examine the dryer vents to make sure they are not broken off or stuck open
  • Checkout the seasonal clothing for their larvae and eggs

Preferable Borer Control Services Now With Local Experts

Contact us and we will assure you to arrange the best local experts assistance. Our borer control Geelong team of experts will discuss your borer problems, arrange an inspection and survey. In fact, our experts are local field biologists and tailor an instant plan for your borer pest problem like locust borer treatment.

Similarly, they also know information about the climatic conditions in and around Geelong and have talent in what type of solution to use when. Because sometimes there may be different results from eco-friendly solutions too but are health-wise safe.

Reasons Why It Is Best To Choose Us

  • Open 7 Days A Week: Our experienced staff will deliver expert booking service at your premises. Appoint us at any time you are free or convenient all along the week. We are open 7 days a week for bookings throughout the year.
  • Contact For Low Rate Service: Any problems with service rates? We understand. As this is the major issue clients think of, we also think of this. Thus, all our different borer treatment services are available now at low rates.
  • Extremely Safe Solutions: Safe solutions is one of the best decisions we ever took for our services. Because, this made and still makes our clients feel extremely safe with our borer insecticide solutions.
  • Licensed Technicians: Licensed technician means an expert treatment planner recognized and licensed by the authority for their specific skills, who our company recruited many. Apart from being licensed, our experts are also certified.
  • Answerable Services: Our borer insect control team is always answerable. Our team answer each and every question you ask; also explain borer treatment plans in detail.

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I feel like the borer looks the same as termites. Are borers the same as termites?

No, borer and termites are not the same pests. Borer pests are not as worse as termites and also are not capable of causing long-term structural damages.

How Do I know if my place in Geelong has a wood borer infestation?

Lookout for the below signs:
– Holes that beetle borer leaves behind
– Look for the presence of powder like material
– Blistered wood or stained wood surfaces

How bad are borers?

One of the main reasons your homes are ‘at-risk’ is all because of pests like borers. So, if you ignore them, they can weaken your timber and cause long-lasting damage to your place.