How to Get Rid of Mice in Walls and Attics

Mice are small living creatures that generally tend to seek shelters for themselves in a house.  Apart from their bad look, mice easily adapt to bad conditions and breed quickly. As 2 mice can multiply them up to 60 within 3 months. Not only they damage your property, but also they are very harmful to your health. As they are agents for various harmful diseases and need to be treated.

Ways To getting Rid Of Mice

  • Seal Gaps and Cracks – Mices are small in size so they are in search of even a small space to get into your house. Mostly they enter any house through the spaces left under the door or through the vents. You need to find those gaps and seal them. This will not allow rats to enter your house. You can also use door sweeps under the doors.
  • Don’t Leave Food or Garbage – Every time a rat or mice enters your house, their only requirement is to find shelter and food to eat. If you keep food openly in your house the mice will feed on that. Openly left food is an invitation for other pests too. This will be the only reason for the rapid multiplication of mice. Not leaving food openly will not allow rats to stay at your house. Hence, it will prevent rats and mice from staying in your house.
  • Use Mouse Traps – Keeping mouse traps in the mice infested area is the best and easy home remedy to hurl mouses away from your house. You just need to put some edible stuff in the trap and wait till the mouse comes to eat it. When it does that, the hook will be pulled leading to trapping the mouse inside the cage. Several types of mouse traps are available in the market.
  • Pets – Keeping some of the big and omnivore pets will be very helpful. Rats are afraid of pets such as cats or dogs as they are bigger in size and also feed on rats. Thus, if you keep these pets they will either fetch the rats from their nests or the rats won’t enter your house.
  • Poisonous Baits – Poisonous bait is available in the market. They contain some biodegradable poison in them which have the ability to kill these rats or mices. Rats are attracted to them and when they eat them, they either die or leave the place due to suffocation. You just need to keep these baits near the rat infested area.

Hire Professional Mice Control Service 

It is too frustrating and time-consuming to keep an eye on the mice. Also, an individual cannot get rid of them easily. As they are small and hide in small places. So, you need professional help with this situation as professionals have various ways and different technologies to help you. We are here to help you. The best Pest Control Geelong agency. We detect the root cause of any issue and provide the best solution for that. So call us right now on 03 6145 0149.