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Fleas are fed on human and animal blood. Hence fleas can cause serious problems due to their bites. They can transmit diseases to their hosts. Fleas tend to prefer furry hosts. Although fleas are commonly found in domesticated or wild animals including dogs, cats, rodents and rabbits. Consequently pets can pick up fleas from others or from beaches, parks, gardens and other outdoor places. So, if you observe any fleas inside your residence, consult Pest Control Geelong. We are providing best flea control Geelong services.

We specialize in environment friendly and commercial pest control services. So if you are having problems with fleas pest infestation in or around your Geelong home, company offices or other business premises. Reach out to us on 03 4050 7737 now!

Why Is Fleas Control Service Necessary?

Fleas can transmit infectious disease. Because of the fleas bite, there are chances of getting acute itchiness. Because of this pests bite it can cause severe itching at the site of infection and its result into hair loss.

So, once these pests interred into the pet’s hair then, there are chances of getting spread in your house. Because of that, good fleas control service helps you keep fleas away from your place.

Budget Friendly Fleas Control Service In Geelong

Our company is known for offering the quality and effective pest control services in and around your property at affordable prices. After that our top-class fleas exterminators are qualified and trained in giving honest flies treatment services. Hence you will get a variety of affordable fleas control treatments under one roof.

What Type Of Flea Pests Infest Human Habits?

  • Ctenocephalides felis (cat flea)
  • Pulex irritans (human flea)
  • Ctenocephalides canis (dog flea)

Signs Of Flea Infestation At Your Place

  • Finding several dot-like insects on your pet’s fur.
  • Consequently, if you notice that your pets are scratching and biting their fur excessively.
  • For instance seeing fleas onto your curtains, furniture and carpet.
  • Another sign of a problem is flea dirt on pet bedding, carpets or rugs.

Above all or if you noticed any of the above signs please contact our Pest Control Geelong. We will provide the best flea control service and let us rid your home of these pesky pests in your house and garden. 

Trouble With Flea Is:

  • Flea cocoons can live longer up to 2 years. It can remain at doormat; they only hatch when conditions are right.
  • Flea’s life cycle can be from two weeks to about eight months.
  • Flea eggs are tiny (approx. 0.5mm long), oval and white.
  • Flea eggs are unable to see through naked eye against rough surfaces like carpets.
  • Fleas can breed quickly. They are difficult to prevent completely without professional help.

Different Types Of Fleas Extermination Services In Geelong:

  • Fleas Inspection And Removal

Our Flea Control Geelong company has fully trained staff. We focus on detecting all species of fleas and the level of their infestation. We do complete inspection and depending upon that we plan the strong treatment for removal of fleas.

  • Emergency Flea Control Service

We are always ready to provide the best emergency flea control service. You can reach out to our emergency flea control team for standard & speedy service. Our trained team will help you to get rid of fleas.

  • Same Day Flea Control Service

If you and your pet’s are in trouble with fleas, then call us immediately. Our company will provide the same day service to you. Our train staff for flea control reach you on the same day and will serve you the best service in Geelong and other nearby areas.

  • Domestic Flea Control

Don’t you get annoyed by flea bits that keep on itching? If yes, our effective home fleas control Geelong will help. We have home and nature friendly flea control spray and powder solutions. So, book us for a safe domestic flea control.

  • Pre-purchase Flea Inspection

We are also booking pre-purchases of flea inspection services in Geelong. We are doing reliable fleas inspection skills, practice and knowledge. If you wish to make a pest control inspection before purchasing, please call us.

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Are your fleas control methods safe for home and offices?

Yes, of course we are using nature saving and less toxic chemicals for pest treatment. Hence our professionals will use safe methods for removal of flea treatment.

Is hiring a professional fleas controller expensive?

No, mostly the professional flies control services are cost-effective and accurate. In most cases, hiring a professional is beneficial; they are directly treating the main cause.

Q. Do home remedies work to remove fleas?

Although there is a range of different ‘home remedies’ for fleas none of these are particularly effective. Most home remedies for fleas only affect the adult flea, leaving the larvae and eggs unaffected. This creates a window of opportunity for another flea infestation to occur as the eggs hatch and larvae develop.